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ANCA will showcase the next generation of technology at IMTEX 2023

12 Jan 2023  

ANCA will showcase the next generation of technology at IMTEX 2023

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ANCA will showcase the next generation of technology enabling manufacturers to grow capacity, improve profit margins and gain efficiencies, including the new MX7 ULTRA for producing premium cutting tools.                                                                                                                                                    

The cutting tool market in India continues to expand, including into precision industries such as aerospace, automotive, and the 3C market. The development of CNC machining technology and processes are fuelling a focus on advanced design and manufacturers are increasingly demanding high-quality cutting tools that meet unique requirements.

The latest technology from ANCA combines new software, hardware, and design features to deliver next level quality and accuracy to support growing industry expectations.


Pat Boland, ANCA Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director, said: “Designing the best technology requires a multi-pronged approach. We immerse ourselves in the market; are continually inventing; keep a keen eye on new developments and bring them into our applications. We seek out intelligent, talented people, and interact with customers daily to understand their specific needs. This is how we design and manufacture our market-leading solutions.”


ANCA India Country Manager, Kishore AP said: “At IMTEX, ANCA is presenting grinding solutions that solve diverse manufacturing needs - from our most affordable grinding package to our highest quality, and accuracy ULTRA machine. ANCA’s technology enables producing premium cutting tools that are above the current market standard in both accuracy and tool life. We are delighted to share our solutions and service with customers at IMTEX in January.”

Launching the premium machine range to produce the highest accuracy and quality cutting tools - the MX7 ULTRA 

The new MX7 ULTRA can manufacture large volumes of endmills and other cutting tools of the highest accuracy and quality. The minute size of a micron is beyond the human eye, but in becoming even more precise and moving from micrometres to nanometres, ANCA will offer the highest accuracy and quality in a cutting tool in the market.


With one nanometre axis resolution, the new MX7 ULTRA machine’s performance can maintain less than +/- 0.002mm line form accuracy of any profile which includes ballnose and corner radius endmills.

ANCA will showcase the next generation of technology at IMTEX 2023

The MX7 ULTRA includes:

  • Nanometre control system,
  • New servo control algorithm for smooth motion,
  • System and mechanical upgrades enhance stiffness and rigidity,
  • In-process measuring, balancing and runout compensation for consistent accuracy,
  • Motor Temperature Control (MTC) – compensation for thermal expansion on the grinding spindle, and
  • Specialist training support in how to grind industry leading cutting tools.


“The ULTRA machine is truly market changing. It is the culmination of ANCA’s elite technology, deep industry knowledge, and customer experience in grinding,” says Thomson Mathew, ANCA product manager for the MX series and software products.


“It has taken years of research and development, and engineering excellence for us to develop this premium solution to grind high quality tools. In my 25 years in the industry, I believe this is one of the most outstanding innovations we have accomplished that will really change the cutting tool market. We are confident that our customers will be very satisfied with the life and performance of cutting tools produced on this premium machine, from the first ground tool to the thousandth,” Thomson concluded.

Presenting the CPX in-process OD measurement system 

The CPX in-process OD measurement system is a quality control system that monitors and controls the OD of ground blanks within a batch production.


Batch grinding on a CPX with high material removal rates and to tight tolerances is a basic function of the machine, the OD measurement system takes it further by utilising the Statistical Process Control (SPC) feature that comes standard with the OD measurement software. SPC is user defined, the tolerances along with the Cp and CpK values are constantly monitored, controlled, and reported to the user.


The OD measurement system is permanently mounted inside the machine and only called upon when required, based on the set tolerances and the frequency of measurement, an accurate in-process measurement and compensation is applied to maintain the blank OD to the nominal diameter.


The system is flexible with the ability to handle multiple diameters in one setup, making it perfect for complex blank geometries/shapes and longer batch runs.

ANCA will showcase the next generation of technology at IMTEX 2023

ANCA’S affordable grinding solution, the new generation FX5E linear 

The new generation FX5E Linear grinding machine is ANCA’s affordable solution to enable premium CNC grinding for versatile applications. Additional features for the new generation machine include optional tool loading automation with the AR300 robot, and a unique swing table pallet design to load and unload AR300 standard pallets.


The AR300 automatic tool loader, is designed and manufactured by ANCA using the latest control technology. It has a fast tool loading and unloading cycle time of 15 seconds which increases grinding efficiency.


The new machine is all-pneumatic, with a pneumatic headstock and a new CAM-driven pneumatic two wheel-pack changer. Pneumatics ensures smooth arrival and accurate positioning at its end position after each wheel change motion.          


The FX5E boasts ANCA’s high-end technologies including LinX® linear motors with linear scales, and the ANCA remote pendant. As part of the FX machine range, the FX5E features the latest servo drive technology and fast processing ANCA CNC and is fitted with a full-size touch screen.


This is the ideal machine for both price and #MadeonANCA quality.  The latest FX5E is an affordable first step into CNC tool grinding using high-quality, proven ANCA technology. It highly suited to smaller companies, for both regrinding and manufacture. It is a cost-effective choice in the FX product range to effectively grind small to medium size round tools.        

New toolroom RN35 and CIM3D preview 

Besides demonstrations on ANCA’s industry leading ToolRoom and CIM3D software, visitors will have a special preview of the upcoming RN35 release.

  • ToolRoom RN35 focuses on productivity and cycle time improvements especially machine running costs. New process optimisation features help to enable reduction in cycle time which in return provides better quality tools and wheel life. This includes automated reduction in air grinding time and gaps calculated based on tool simulation models. Some of the major enhancements include:
  • Feedrate optimisation – Integration of Q-Prime feature in ToolRoom software to achieve constant Material Removal Rate (MRR) based on wheel manufacturers specifications. This is done by calculating and controlling non-constant feedrate where applicable to achieve better cycle time and extended wheel life.  
  • Airtime Reduction – Automated reduction in airtime by optimising gaps based on tool simulation models and wheel shapes.  
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) – Gives control of your production process during high volume manufacturing by monitoring the variations due to wheel wear and other process-controlled activities. Process capability data can be graphically displayed or stored for future QC purposes or further evaluation. It also helps customers to control critical tool dimensions like diameter by updating wheels at regular intervals.
  • Profile Fluting – Gives the ability to control and maintain hook/rake angle along the trajectory of the cutting edge on a given profile. Increases cutting performance and life of the tool due to uniform hook/rake angle along the edge.


Other features include in-process measurement of tool geometries, enhancement to profile software as well as several more.


  • • CIM3D Tool Comparison – A new feature to compare two different 3D cutting tool models. It is colour coded and has control over the distance scale. The differences can be visualised and quantified between a master model and a simulated model.

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