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The manufacturing industry is the backbone of modern society, and toolmakers are the unsung heroes behind its success. These dedicated professionals play a critical role in shaping the products we use every day, yet their contributions often go unnoticed. ToolingTales aims to change that by providing a platform dedicated to bringing the tooling industry to the forefront.

At ToolingTales, our goal is to provide the latest updates, news, and insights from the world of tooling. Our team of experts scours the industry to find the most interesting stories and perspectives, so our readers can stay up-to-date on all things tooling. We believe that toolmakers deserve recognition for their hard work, and our mission is to make sure they get it.


The Team

Nishant Kashyap, Founder & Editor

Nishant Kashyap is a highly skilled mechanical engineer with a passion for innovation in the manufacturing industry. With a strong background in machine tools, die mould, 3D printing, and the automotive sector, he leverages his expertise to craft insightful articles. Nishant has authored over 600 articles and 200+ interviews with global industry leaders. Nishant's dedication extends beyond writing as he actively supports MSMEs in manufacturing through his digital marketing, content, and PR services, driving growth and visibility in the industry.

Kymberley Dmello, Head – Content 
Kimberley is an experienced Content Editor turned Writer. She has spent more than a decade refining the art of shaping words. She believes every comma, every metaphor, and every story has the power to inspire, educate, and enchant. She spends her free time delving into the fascinating world of digital marketing.

Sudhanshu Nayak, Research Analyst & Social Media Manager 
Sudhanshu Nayak, a dynamic mechanical engineer, is driven by a fervor for cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, cloud manufacturing, and Industry 4.0. Sudhanshu Nayak, a mechanical engineer, gained invaluable firsthand experience with 3D printing during his tenure at innovative startups. His youthful energy fuels a deep expertise in social media marketing, technical content creation, and market research.

Editorial Advisors 

Sachin Nalawade, Founder & Editor, 
Sachin Nalawade, a mechanical engineer with over two decades of expertise, stands as the founder of, a highly influential portal within the CAD CAM and CAE realm. Widely acknowledged for his technical acumen in CAD CAM technologies, he's an eminent figure and an invaluable resource in this ever-evolving industry, contributing significantly to its growth and innovation.


Gaurav Shukla, Founder & CEO, Sangya PR 

Gaurav Shukla, the visionary founder of Sangyaa PR, brings over 15 years of enriching experience in media and marketing to the forefront. His multifaceted expertise encompasses digital marketing, content creation, and design thinking. Gaurav is not only a stalwart in the PR industry but also a sought-after keynote speaker at prestigious management institutes, sharing his valuable insights and shaping the future of communication.



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