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Manleo Designs helps mould maker achieve <5 microns consistency

19 Apr 2023  

Manleo Designs helps mould maker achieve <5 microns consistency

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With the help of Manleo Designs’ probes and tool setters, Pune-based B N Tools And Components has successfully optimised the entire machining process.  


The die and mould-making segment is growing rapidly in India and its future looks promising. As various industry leaders look to outsource their machining activities, this segment is likely to witness a lot more. Many MSMEs, especially those in the micro category, are getting into mould making for which Western India is a hub. These companies face stiff competition from similar size companies as well as large corporates, and MNCs.They need to find ways to not only survive but also keep growing. One such company that is keen to deliver their best in order to tap the opportunity is Pune-based B. N. Tools And Components Pvt. Ltd.


B. N. Tools And Components Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as B. N. Enterprises) was established in 1996 to meet the high demand for precision engineering in plastic moulds, die casting mould, and other integrated tooling solutions. This IATF 16949:2016 certified companyis extremely process-oriented and is relentless in its pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement in all steps pertaining to the design, manufacture and assembly of products.  


With a workforce of 50 people working in its tool room, advanced machinery and equipment to ease the manufacturing, production and quality validation processes, they cater to diverse industries such as automotive, packaging, medical, home appliances and electronics sectors. Mr.Sibin, the company’s director, says: “As an organization, we have and will continue to invest for the future. Let us work together towards the objective of ‘Make in India’.”


The Challenges
Challenges and opportunities go hand-in-hand. Any opportunity will have its own set of challenges too. The Indian manufacturing industry, since the past few years, has been growing rapidly and generating enough demand for machine tools and mould makers.  


During the pandemic, when the domestic market was faced with several challenges caused by the slowdown and customers were exploring reliable partners, BN Tools And Components was all geared up. Even though the company was equipped with high-end machines and all the required technologies, Mr. Sibin was looking to enhance the speed of the machining process and improve productivity to cater to the global demand and match the quality standards.


“Speed, accuracy, and productivity drive the demand for mould manufacturers. Day-by-day the development and manufacturing time is reducing and tolerance accepted by customers is only getting tighter. It becomes challenging for mould manufacturers, especially when we have to supply to Tier-1 OEMs. Reducing the cycle time while maintaining the quality and keeping the cost low is the biggest challenge mould makers are facing these days. The only way to tackle this challenge is to reduce your machining cycle time, reduce rework and rejections by getting it right the first time,” says Mr. Sibin.

Manleo Designs helps mould maker achieve <5 microns consistency

The Solutions
Since the challenges at B N Tools And Components were well defined, namely, to reduce milling cycle time and to reduce rework and rejections, Mr. Sibin was looking for a solution that could help him tackle these challenges.He was more interested in technology that was indigenously made in India because of the challenges with regard to the service and repair of imported solutions whenever there was product damage due to accidents or human error. So, during the pandemic, when the economy faced a slowdown, the company started looking for cost-effective and durable solutions that could help them achieve higher precision while reducing the cycle time. It was even more challenging because the company already had all the right technologies from renowned brands in place but was still not able to get the desired result.  


BN Tools And Components then purchased the high-end and cost-effective solution, Opto Z from ManleoDesigns. Manleo Designs’ CNC probes and tool setters are high precision and are designed for Indian operating conditions. Operators who do not possess high skill levels or experience can also confidently operate them.  


According to Mr. Sibin, “Often, mould manufacturers purchase expensive imported probes, the best cutting tools, adaptors and CNC machines but still face rework and rejections. Manleo’sreliable and affordable solutions focus primarily on these issues. Our shop floor staff find their products easy to use, which makes process improvement and change management easy for us.”


Benefits observed

  • Errors and rework reduced by >75%
  • Enhancement in productivity and quality
  • Consistent Z height leading to <5 microns repeatability
  • 100% acceptance & usage across labour


After Sales and Service

Sales service plays a major role when a manufacturer purchases a machine or accessories. For its customers, Manleo always makes an extra effort. Manleo sends their application engineer to the customer’s factory to train them and returns only after the operator gains the confidence and required expertise.


Apart from this, they visit them to provide time-to-time training and inform them about new updates. They provide a free trial of a few weeks and only when the operators give feedback to the owner about the usefulness of the solution, Manleo engages in commercial discussion with them.  


“For probing and tool setting products, customers are always worried about the after-sales service and training. I appreciate Manleo Designs’ work in India.The team here has helped us in experiencing their product firsthand on a no-cost basis. I really appreciate their effort in training our operators and programmer about the cycles. I will always recommend Manleo designs’ tool setters to others. It is made for Indian companies, especially MSMEs like us,” says Mr. Sibin.


The Outcome  
BN Tools And Components believes in investing in the right technology. From having the best-in-class CNC machines, CAM software, probing and tool setting solutions, the company is well equipped to tackle the changing market dynamics and manufacture complex parts. With the help of Manleo probes and tool setters, now, BN Tools And Components is able to optimise the entire machining process. This has cut down on the time consumed, quality of output and higher efficiency.


“Our focus was to reduce rework, rejections and cycle time on milling machines. Here, Manleo Designs’ probes &tool setters have fulfilled most of our requirements. We have been using their probes for >15 years and for 6 months adopted their auto tool setter and have observed overall > 70% rework, and rejection reduction, which is huge for mould makers. Their dedication to customer service is top class and better than the foreign alternatives available,” concludes Mr. Sibin.


The above shows that the right technology and adequate knowledge can positively impact your overall productivity. It is high time Indian SMEs think beyond the cost and look at the bigger picture – the right investment today can lead to a brighter future. BN Tools And Components is one such example of how investment in technology is actually an investment in the future.


Article and images courtesy Manleo Designs  


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