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12 Sep 2023  
Aditya Kumar, Managing Director, Marcopolo Products P Ltd.

“Facilitating a healthy discussion and fostering collaboration between die makers and 3D printing service providers is of utmost importance. Die makers possess valuable knowledge about the moulding process, while 3D printing service providers have expertise in navigating the limitations...

12 Sep 2023  
Anuj Budhiraja, Vice President - Phillips Additive - India, Middle East, Malaysia, Phillips Machine Tools.

"3D printing technology requires a different skill set... To maximise the benefits of AM, we need to use DfAM [Design for Additive Manufacturing] in our design aspects, which will help us utilise the technology to the fullest,” says Anuj Budhiraja, Vice President - Phillips Additive - India,...

11 Sep 2023  
Touseef Ahmed Khan, General Manager Sales, S&T Machinery (P) Ltd.

“The surge in demand for 5-axis machines, even within the die and mould sector – a field previously characterised by rarity – has led to the establishment of numerous manufacturing facilities by machine tool builders to cater to these demands,” says Touseef Ahmed Khan, General Manager...

11 Sep 2023  
Subbarayan, Sr. Consultant, Makino India Pvt. Ltd.

“While the machines are getting more complex and are being equipped with improved capabilities, there is a significant effort to reduce the human skill required to operate these machines,” says Subbarayan, Sr. Consultant, Makino India Pvt. Ltd.By Nishant Kashyap Can you provide an overview...

11 Sep 2023  
Hank Wu, Sales Manager – Indian Operations, Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. Ltd. (YCM)

“As India continues to produce such moulds to meet the growing demands, it has simultaneously led to the increased adoption of CNC machines in the country,” said Hank, Sales Manager – Indian Operations, Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. Ltd. (YCM). Wing Liu, International Business Head, and...

01 Sep 2023  
Vishwanath Harpanahalli, Country Manager, Formlabs India

‘The adoption of 3D printing technology in India is poised for significant growth in the coming years’. “Increased awareness and understanding of the benefits of 3D printing, such as design freedom, cost savings, and reduced time to market, will lead to broader adoption in the automotive,...

12 Jul 2023  
Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director of EMO Hannover organizer VDW (German machine tool manufacturers association)

"EMO Hannover stands unparalleled, presenting an extensive array of innovations that surpasses any other trade show worldwide. For visitors, this signifies an unparalleled opportunity to thoroughly prepare for future innovation decisions, making EMO Hannover an unrivaled platform for staying...

20 Mar 2023  
Gabriele Zocchi, technical Product Owner, Holo-Light

I recently met Gabriele Zocchi, technical Product Owner of Holo-Light at the Hannover Messe preview in Hannover, Germany. We discussed Holo-light and its products, the possibilities of AR, the application of AR in the manufacturing industry, and many more. Excerpts By Nishant KashyapPlease...

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