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ZWSOFT Expands Multi-physics Simulation Portfolio with Acquisition of UK's CFD Developer CHAM

09 Oct 2023  

ZWSOFT Expands Multi-physics Simulation Portfolio with Acquisition of UK's CFD Developer CHAM

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ZWSOFT, a reliable provider of All-in-One CAx solutions, today announced its acquisition of Concentration, Heat and Momentum Limited (CHAM), a UK-based, renowned developer of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software. With the addition of the proven CHAM’s technologies and talents, ZWSOFT significantly broadens its multi-disciplinary and multi-physics simulation portfolio with a CFD solution.

Established in 1974 by Professor D. B. Spalding, the pioneer of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CDF) and Computational Heat Transfer (CHT), CHAM is a world-leading consultancy and software house specializing in computer simulation of fluid-flow and heat-transfer processes. In 1981, CHAM introduced PHOENICS, the world's first general-purpose commercial CFD software.

For nearly 50 years, PHOENICS has been widely used in a variety of industries, including machinery, electronics, automotive, architecture, transportation, and energy, serving elite universities and prominent enterprises, including the University of Cambridge, Pfizer R&D, EXCISS, WindSim, Tsinghua University, Meinhardt.

In addition to a general CFD calculation module, PHOENICS also encompasses specialized modules for two-phase flow, CVD, HVAC and medical flow analysis. Besides that, it also provides rich APIs for CAD programs, 3D modeling, PARSOL grid generation, a flexible In-Form user-defined function and more than 20 turbulence models for scenarios including combustion, radiation, and multiphase flow.

With the acquisition, ZWSOFT gains ownership of the source codes and core technologies of CHAM's product PHOENICS. The R&D and business talents of CHAM's teams in the UK and Japan will collaborate with ZWSOFT to provide exceptional service to PHOENICS customers worldwide.

This acquisition marks ZWSOFT's entry into the field of CFD software and accelerates its progress to create a comprehensive multi-disciplinary and multi-physics simulation portfolio encompassing structures, electromagnetics (EM), and fluids.

Dr. Wenjun TAN, Director of CFD Software at ZWSOFT, said, "The CHAM acquisition complements our simulation portfolio, taking us another step closer to realizing our vision of providing reliable all-in-one CAx solutions to worldwide users.”

He added, “With the addition of PHOENICS, our simulation products can better meet the complicated and diverse needs of our customers, enabling them to reduce costs and increase efficiency through realizing simulation-driven design."

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