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22 Nov 2023  
Sandro Bottazzo, CSO / Managing Director, Fritz Studer AG

In conversation with Nishant Kashyap during EMO 2023, Mr. Sandro Bottazzo, the esteemed CSO / Managing Director of Fritz Studer AG, shared insights into the company's significant presence at EMO Hannover. The interview delves into the latest industry trends, the evolving landscape of customer...

09 Nov 2023  
Frieder Gänzle, CEO, F. Zimmermann GmbH

Explore the latest developments, current trends, sustainability initiatives, and future plans of F. Zimmermann GmbH in an insightful interview with Frieder Gänzle, the CEO. Gain valuable insights into the company's strategies and its vision for the Indian market. Zimmermann is known for...

14 Sep 2023  
Sreenivas Ramaswamy, Technical Sales Manager - India ASEAN ANZ, Autodesk India

“Automation is not new, but its effective use throughout the entire product development process – from ideation to design to CAM programming through factory floor execution – is now having a significant impact on businesses around the world,” says Sreenivas Ramaswamy, Technical Sales...

13 Sep 2023  
Sunil Desai, Founder Director, Designcell CAD CAM Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“The expanding manufacturing sector, coupled with the shift towards advanced manufacturing technologies, presents significant opportunities for growth. Initiatives focused on skill development and training, along with considerations of cost and accessibility, further contribute to the adoption of...

12 Sep 2023  
Vishwas Puttige, Business Head, amace solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“In the near future, an increasing number of die manufacturers in India are expected to realise the immense potential of this technology in addressing productivity and quality challenges in end part production, ” says Vishwas Puttige, Business Head, amace solutions Pvt. Ltd.By Nishant...

12 Sep 2023  
Aditya Kumar, Managing Director, Marcopolo Products P Ltd.

“Facilitating a healthy discussion and fostering collaboration between die makers and 3D printing service providers is of utmost importance. Die makers possess valuable knowledge about the moulding process, while 3D printing service providers have expertise in navigating the limitations...

12 Sep 2023  
Anuj Budhiraja, Vice President - Phillips Additive - India, Middle East, Malaysia, Phillips Machine Tools.

"3D printing technology requires a different skill set... To maximise the benefits of AM, we need to use DfAM [Design for Additive Manufacturing] in our design aspects, which will help us utilise the technology to the fullest,” says Anuj Budhiraja, Vice President - Phillips Additive - India,...

11 Sep 2023  
Touseef Ahmed Khan, General Manager Sales, S&T Machinery (P) Ltd.

“The surge in demand for 5-axis machines, even within the die and mould sector – a field previously characterised by rarity – has led to the establishment of numerous manufacturing facilities by machine tool builders to cater to these demands,” says Touseef Ahmed Khan, General Manager...

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